FilmFrukost #21 med Pimpaka Towira

Welcome to FilmFrukost – International Edition

Just as the previous years, FilmCloud is hosting an international edition of our monthly FilmFrukost – filmmakers breakfast – in collaboration with Göteborg Film Festival. We are proud to announce that our guest this time is no other than the Thai filmmaker Pimpaka Towira!

Thailand has been one of the most popular destinations for Swedes during the winter and our picture of Thailand is often that of a vacation paradise, depicted in tv series such as 30 grader i februari, even after the tsunami catastrofy in 2004 that took over 200 000 lives and among them 543 Swedish citizens. Another common image in Swedish film is that of the Thai woman who found a new life (usually in the northen part of Sweden) by marrying a Swedish man or residing here as a seasonal worker. But films and images created by the Thai themself is less known here, if even heard of.

Pimpaka Towira was educated in Film at the University in Bangkok and it was her feature film debut One Night Husband (2003) gave her international fame. She is the first female Thai filmmaker to be noticed by international viewers and critics and Towira writes, directs and produces all of her films herself. She has been invited as a jury member for many film festivals and won the Silpathorn Award in 2009, distributed by the Ministry of Culture in Thailand. Now she's is competing at Göteborg Film Festival for the Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award with her film The Island Funeral.

– The Island Funeral is not a film about the conflict and violent situation of the southern Thai border, and not a story of any group of persons in particular. It is film about everybody who is looking for their ideal world amidst the conflicts of the internal clash in their past and memories, Towira says.

The film centers around Laila who sets out on a road trip to Pattani, one of the three southernmost Thai provinces, to visit her long-lost aunt. Her brother and his friend are tagging along. The three take off from Bangkok during a time when the capital is going through radical conflict. By living in the city they haven't seen much of the violent outbreaks that have been occurring around Pattani for many years and on their way they discover a land stranger than that they are familiar with. The Island Funeral prevails with it's beautiful imagery and places us in a state between dream and reality.

Screenings at Göteborg Film Festival

Thursday Feb 4th | 8 pm | Capitol
Friday Feb 5th | 4 pm | Biopalatset 3
Saturday Feb 6th | 12.30 pm | Biopalatset 2
Sunday Feb 7th | 5.30 pm | Angereds Bio

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What: Breakfast and a relaxed conversation with Pimpaka Towira
Where: Kafé Frilagret, Heurlins plats 1, Göteborg (nearest tram station is Järntorget)
Time: 9-10 am
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FilmFrukost is free and open for anyone to join. You don't need to pre-register, just show up 9 am sharp!

Note! The talk will be held in English. 


Pimpaka Towira was born in 1967 in Thailand and is a critically acclaimed independent film director. Many of her short films has been nominated for awards at festivals around the world, including Berlinale and Rotterdam Film Festival. Her feature debut One Night Husband (2003) premiered at Berlinale and is a thriller film that stars the Thai-Canadian pop singer Nicole Theriault. Her latest film The Island Funeral resently won Asian Future Best Film Award at Tokyo Film Festival and is now screening at Göteborg Film Festival between Febuary 4th-7th 2016.  


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