CinemAfrica 2019

3 okt 2019 till 6 okt 2019
1 jun 2019

Deadline for film submission is June 1st

CinemAfrica’s Film Festival started 1998 in Stockholm, and is now the largest festival for African cinema in the Nordic countries. They invite current filmmakers and participants in the public discourse to the festival to participate in seminars and discussions around the films they screen. CinemAfrica also conducts individual screenings, film breakfasts and seminars. Additionally, they work with other organisations and film festivals to enable them to show African film as part of their programming.

To submit your film, please visit
CinemAfrica’s internal rules stipulate that all films they show are made by African or diaspora filmmakers, or in exceptional cases made by producers from the same context.


CinemAfrica is a non-profit organisation that works towards spreading high-quality African and diaspora cinema in Sweden. They screen features, short films and documentaries and act as a platform and a forum for African film in Sweden. They also work towards increasing the amount of film shown in cinemas, during festivals and on television, and to broaden DVD distribution networks. By showing African and diaspora film they’re aiming at broadening the types of culture on offer in Sweden and at increasing the knowledge Swedes have about African current affairs. For more information about CinemAfrica and the festival, visit