Masterclass in festival management inspired us to think big

On October 22nd to 23rd I had the chance to take part in the Festival & Management Masterclass organized by Göteborg & Co and held by Paul Gudgin who has been working with internationally renowned events for more than 20 years. Amongst all – he had been the director for the biggest arts festival in the world, Edinburgh Fringe, for eight consecutive years. The Fringe is what Mr Gudgin talked the most about, sharing his experiences from almost all aspects of organizing, giving excessive amount of information regarding event statistics, reports as well as industry secrets. 

Paul Gudgin has worked in events held in small towns that bring international audiences to the sites as well as establishing a culture festival in the heart of world’s business elite – City of London residents.  It was good to hear about these festivals gradually becoming more recognized. Although a lot of his events are organized in a much bigger scale than the participants of the Masterclass mostly work with, it was inspiring to get ideas from “thinking big”.

We were around 20 industry professionals from Western and Southern Sweden as well as Denmark attending the course. Through the many mingles and group work in the classroom, we surely gained more inspiration from each other, made new contacts and what’s the most important – learnt of other great events here, in Sweden and felt less like we’re alone with all the organizational struggles.

The Masterclass was an intense one, giving a lot of Gudgin’s personal experience, but also allowing enough time for questions and group work. We went through topics like: festival destinations, partnerships, programming, sponsorships, marketing, infrastructure, evaluations and more. 

I can honestly say that for me this was a great experience to learn from a true industry professional and get insights from events what attract people from all over the world. Paul Gudgin was surely interested of providing us with as much knowledge as possible in two-days time, the right amount of fun and plenty of inspiration to get us all going on with our projects. Thanks to FilmCloud for giving the chance to be a part of this!


/ Edite Garjane


Edite Garjane is 23 years old, originally from Latvia and with a degree in journalism from London that now work at Gothenburg Studios. She's been one of the organizers behind GoKinema, an annual cinematography event hosted at Gothenburg Studios during Gothenburg Film Festival. At the moment a big part of her job is to coordinate productions and work with the Gothenburg Studios Production Service projects. She feels like Sweden is the place to be.

– It’s a real hub of creative minds, lots of potential and hard-working people so I hope that Göteborg especially will pin itself in the world map of great event and festival destinations soon! she says.