Cool but sickening workshop in Virtual Reality

Last week BoostHBG arranged a workshop in Virtual Reality with the New York based Brian Chirls, a creative developer specialized in experimental interactive documentary technology. We at FilmCloud had the opportunity to send down one of our own members and after an open call we selected 21 year old, Nigerian born actor and screen writer Ese Ejodame, skilled in both java script and dancing.

– I've lived in Sweden for 8 years and studied acting both in high school and at a community collage in Falkenberg. The film school here in Gothenburg is the next step for me and I hope to be one of their future students since I dream of working as a writer and director. Right now I'm looking for funding for my very own project but it's not going that well, Ese says but still has her mind set on finishing the film and having it screened at festivals around the world.

About 18 people attended the workshop and for the first two hours Brian Chirls talked about VR and held a basic introduction. After lunch everybody built a VR headset out of cardboard for their smart phones and then worked in groups  with java script to make their own VR on the computers. 

– It was all really really cool but made me a little sick after a few minutes.

Ese says that a big reason to apply for the workshop, besides a curiosity for virtual reality, was the chance to meet and maybe make new contacts in the media and film industry. 

–  I didn't know much about VR before this workshop but it's really fun when you get the hang of it and how the coding works. As a filmmaker I'm definitely gonna be doing some work in VR and I would recommend anyone to try it out.




Click here to read more about the VR workshop that was held on October 17th in Helsingborg.